Caring Approach

We aim to address the root cause of your condition as well as address any initial discomfort.

What we can treat

We have a range of services for all foot and leg conditions, including:


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Problems That Can Happen With High Arches

Problems That Can Happen With High Arches In this video we’re going to talk about a very common problem which is having a high arch foot. It’s not something that gets discussed a lot – but having a high arched foot comes with it’s own set of problems. Some of the problems are – getting […]

How To Improve Bunions

How To Improve Bunions   Bunions occur when the big toe joint changes in angle compared to the metatarsal bone creating a bump and a big toe the is pushed toward the outside of the foot. Bunions can cause all sorts of problems with both feet; – Joint discomfort – Rubbing from footwear or trouble […]

Reasons Why People Get Heel Pain

Reasons Why People Get Heel Pain How come so many people get heel pain? We have talked about ways to help heel pain but what can cause it? Sharp pain in the heel and arch in the morning is a complaint we hear everyday in the clinic and there are heaps of reasons why it […]